Diana Harris – July 15, 1981 – No Name Key, Florida

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MissingDiana Lynn Harris

Case: Missing

Nickname: Diana

Missing From: No Name Key, Florida  (Monroe County)

Missing Date: July 15, 1981

Race:  W      Sex: F

Age at Time Missing:

Height5’4″ to 5’6″

Weight: 115 lbs to 140lbs

Hair Color: strawberry blonde/brown,  naturally curly

Hair Style:  Fluctuates from long and curly to short.

Eye Color: Blue

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks: Pierced ears

Other:  Freckles on arms, sometimes wore glasses, full dentures on top or bottom, and a partial on the opposite side due to periodontal disease

Police Agency: Monroe County Sheriff’s at (305) 289-2410

Comments by PD: There is no original report available; however, our detectives initiated a new case report on 12-28-94 and conducted additional follow up.

Case Number: 95OFF104235    NamUs MP #: 2648

Circumstance: Diana was first reported missing from Owosso, MI. on August 4, 1981. Diana moved to Florida with her children.  That summer, in 1981, her children went back to Michigan to visit with family for the summer. During the time the children were in Michigan, Diana called and said she felt phones were tapped and she was wanting out of a relationship.  That July of 1981 was the last time anyone heard from Diana.  She was last seen by family on July 15, 1981. The home she went missing from was located at the end of Tortuga Ln. on No Name Key, Florida , although some sources say she lived at Big Pine Key.  Her daughter continues to search for her mother and hopes anyone with information will come forward.  Adding to the mystery of Diana’s disappearance, her family believes her disappearance is linked to another Missing Person’s case of a man named Tom Stump.  Ironically, the same people were questioned in both cases and the same person lived with each when Diana and Tom disappeared, even though the disappearances were 14 years apart.

Diana Lynn Harris - Missing since 1981- FLORIDA

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