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UID = Unidentified Person
MP = Missing Person
Decedent= deceased person
Codis = Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is the FBI’s program of support for criminal justice DNA databases as well as the software used to run these databases. It is commonly used to determine matches of an MP and UID. Most law enforcement, and medical examiners submits DNA which is entered into CODIS on a UID. A scan is done to see if a match. In some cases, prisons and those who have been swabbed for a potential crime match have their DNA entered, as well. While numerous labs may do the actual testing, it is the database that is used to compare a missing with an unidentified as that is where the results are kept.
The “normal person” who has blood drawn in a doctor office will NOT have it entered into CODIS, nor if blood is donated. Note: When donating blood for an organ match, or bone marrow, they
contract with individual certified laboratories that test and may hold results for a number of years. (Such as the Bone Marrow Registery) One well known national laboratory with an extensive database is Bode Cellmark, in Texas, who has a large forensic analysis department.

Earthly Body: Usually an “intact body” or fairly recent “human remains” that we call “earthly body” as we feel that is a more comforting than a deceased body, or human remains. It is
also the belief that we all live in our “earthly bodies” and one day when passing will leave this body behind and our souls are what are still “living” beyond this life. Most all of our
team believe strongly heaven exists, however, some people may have other beliefs. Regardless, no matter what one believes…it is the earthly body that is left behind for families to
bury or cremate. It is not “the person” , but the earthly body they inhabited while on earth.

When searching to match an Unidentified with a Missing Person, note it is very important that one is very detailed oriented and compares statistics
(date missing and date located) as well as the physical descriptions. I cannot tell you how many times we are emailed, or messaged, and a caring person in the public is “sure”
that a UID is possibly an MP. They will provide links and the first thing noticed is that the MP went missing on January 8, 1975 and the UID was found on December 3, 1974. This surely
is not going to be a match as the UID was found long before the MP went missing. Be sure to pay attention to details. In some cases, had the UID been found on Dec. 27,1974…it is possible the reported date was an “approximate” and should be pursued as to how accurate was the missing? Usually in the circumstances and online research it can be determined as to the date accuracy.
If Mary was one who came and went, perhaps didn’t hold a job and moved from place to place…the date could be somewhat off. If the circumstances of her disappearance is reported
that she went missing on her way home from work, it is a pretty good bet the date reported is actual.

The other HUGE “mistake” commonly made is that one will provide an MP and ask for it to be compared to a UID and upon checking both records find that BOTH THE MP AND THE UID had completed DNA done. If that is the case, it is a near guarantee that it is NOT A MATCH because it would have flagged a match in CODIS, as such.

Generally, you can plus or minus an inch or two as sometimes reported height on a missing is close, but not exact…and a UID is a close estimate.


  Mary is missing and is 5’6″, in actuality she is 5’5″ but always reported a bit taller on her drivers license.  Jane Doe located was estimated to be approx 5’6″ – 5’8″.
This would be a close estimation to pursue other statistics for a possible match. If the UID is estimated as 5’8″ – 5’10” it is probably not a good candidate to match.

Be careful of eye color. If Mary has blue eyes, and the UID has brown eyes, it is not going to be a candidate for a match. Usually family reports the accurate eye color and NamUs will not report an eye color unless positive of color. Keep in mind, errors in submission is possible so we advise to check all missing persons sites to be sure the missing eye color is reported
the same on each. (State Police site, NamUs missing, Registered Orgs, etc.) If eye color varies…it is best to report the discrepancy to be sure to obtain the accurate eye color. For the most part, in the hundreds of comparisons that we’ve done from NamUS, only one time was an eye color incorrectly reported to them by law enforcement on the missing person.




Additionally, you will want to utilize NAMUS UNIDENTIFIED for a comprehensive list of those located by state. Note images from morgue photos exist in many cases.


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