Tammy Clements – May 1, 1980 – Lincoln, Nebraska













Missing: Tammy Sue Clements

Case:  Missing

Missing From:  Lincoln, Nebraska

note: A photo was found, in August 2015 , dated

late Nov. of 1980. This “unofficially” changes date missing.

Missing Date:  May 1, 1980 (+ or – 2 years)

Race:  White         Sex:  Female

Age at Time Missing:  15 years old

Year of Birth:  1965

Height:  5’2″           

Weight:  100-130 lbs.

Hair Color:  Brown, short, cropped hair

Eye Color:  Brown

Unique Characteristics:  Tammy wears glasses part of the time and has a gap in between her front teeth.

Police Agency:  Niles Police Department, Sergeant Scott S. Swanson at 269-683-1313
Case Number:  2015-211     NamUs MP #:  (pending)

Circumstance:  Tammy lived with her biological mother and stepfather in Niles, Michigan until she was approximately 14 years old. She then went to live with her biological father and stepmother who also lived in Niles. Tammy, her biological father, stepmother and two half brothers moved to Lincoln, Nebraska sometime in 1979/1980. The exact date is unknown. Tammy is listed in the 1979 yearbook at Ring Lardner Middle School in Niles.

When Tammy was 15, her father and stepmother said they were moving back to Niles, Michigan and Tammy could go back to live with her mother and stepfather. This upset Tammy. In the last conversation Tammy had with her biological mother (who believes this conversation took place shortly after Tammy turned 15, in the summer of 1980), Tammy told her she had met some friends in Nebraska and was going to travel to California.

Tammy’s father, stepmother, and two young half brothers moved from Nebraska shortly thereafter, and allowed Tammy to stay behind in Lincoln. This was the last known contact Tammy has ever had with anyone. Tammy has never obtained a drivers license, any state identification card or used her social security number. This is Tammy’s last known photograph.

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Age-Progession courtesy of Carl Koppelman




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