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Any banner or poster of a missing loved one on our website is allowed to be used by any source, whether it be media or otherwise, to help bring awareness of our missing loved ones. You do not need permission of LostNMissing, Inc. We only ask that you keep it intact as originally designed and do not alter. Please follow the below guidelines:

  • Should you display numerous posters, or banners, on your website designed by LostNMissing Inc., please add the following: “Your Site Name” is not affiliated nor a partner of LostNMissing, Inc.   
  • If you are media using our banners, photos or posters please credit LostNMissing.
  • You agree to remove any poster, photo or banner from your websites and discontinue posting them once a missing has been located.

Our Logo and link to LostNMissing:

We appreciate all who may want to use our logo to direct others to our website, however, do note the following:

  • Our logo is copyright.  You cannot claim to work for or have been a volunteer with LostNMissing Inc unless you were, or are, a valid Staff member, or former.
  • Any personal use of our logo on blogs, forums, social networking or websites must have the permission of LostNMissing Inc and must state “This site is not affiliated nor a partner site of LostNMissing Inc.”
  • Media publications which show our logo are exempt. They do not need permission as it is part of their media reporting of a missing person and a part of the pictorial display.



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    LostNMissing Inc. gives full permission to any person, persons, organization, news or media outlets to share and use any of our missing posters. They may be used in any capacity to help bring awareness including, videos, commercials, blogs, forums, social networking sites, in print form, books, booklets and newspapers. We only ask that they do not be altered in any fashion and cannot be used for products sold, except newspapers and magazines. Any other use must obtain the permission of LostNMissing, Inc. Thank you.