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The listed below SAR Teams have been approved by the Board of Directors for

LostNMissing Inc., for their professionalism and detail to work along with success rates.

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The 1st Special Response Group conducts a wide variety of missions, trainings, and projects each year. Several of these are not publicly documented due to the confidentiality of the situation.

1SRG saves lives in challenging and extreme conditions and aids others to do so as well. It is an international response search and rescue unit that delivers services and training which enable local resources to respond to incidents without external support. 1SRG is the only non-governmental organization in the United States providing this service. The team is entirely composed of volunteer professionals and is available upon request to help anywhere in the world.

We provide humanitarian aid to other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and to governments that are interested in developing or improving indigenous search and rescue (SAR) resources. We also work with rural medical clinics, sharing emergency wilderness medical techniques and medical supplies. We consult with governments and other NGOs on SAR and disaster response (DR) training and readiness.

We pride ourselves on our years of humanitarian service and our reputation for fast international and local deployment, diverse capabilities and safety. Our track record of success is based on a cooperative approach of maximizing partnerships and sharing resources efficiently between the public and private sector in disaster, search and rescue, and emergency services.

We’re there to help. Anytime, anywhere.

Contact Information:

1st Special Response Group,  PO Box 230, Moffett Federal Airfield,  Moffett Field, CA,94035-0230 USA

Tel: 650/618-1449     Fax: 650/618-1449           24 Hour Contact Number:  (866) 544-1SRG (1774)


Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue is not affiliated with Southeast K-9 Search & Rescue Inc of Tallahassee FL




Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue

Product Line



Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue

When search and rescue expertise is sought, GPSAR is willing to travel. GPSAR’s volunteer contingent of over 40 members, led by several specially trained and dedicated command officers are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency dispatch. GPSAR is available for contact via the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center. To answer any questions you may have, GPSAR’s office number is (877) 598-5618.
It should be noted that Greater Philadelphia Search And Rescue does not charge for any of these services to the community.



Peace River Search and Rescue (PRSAR) will respond to law enforcement and reasonable citizen requests to assist in the location of lost or missing persons. Based in Charlotte County Florida, the team is a Florida non-profit 501(c)(3) charity made possible by public donations and the dedication of many volunteer professionals in order to provide a highly trained rescue team for the rapid, effective and safe return of lost or missing persons. They are ready to respond 24 hours a day—everyday, with Honor, Integrity, a High level of Performance and Endurance “So others may Live”.


Peace River K9 Search and Rescue Association, Inc.

A Florida non profit 501c3



MAINE – Northern Only

North Star Search And Rescue

The purpose of this organization is to promote and develop Search and Rescue capabilities and resources in the Northern Section of Maine with the idea of SAVING LIVES. It will also provide the needed liaison between individual member organizations and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and any other similar agencies.
VK9 Scent Specific Search and Recovery Unit  :  Available to work in any area of the country






Mission For The Missing






Mission provides logistical support, funding, equipment and trained search and rescue professionals to families of missing persons, both children and adults.




Down East Emergency Medical

The mission of DEEMI, Down East Emergency Medicine Institute, is to develop with ethics and integrity, systems that will save lives. Through education and training, and using Federal surplus military equipment, to encourage the spirit of volunteerism, and to facilitate the saving of lives in the State of Maine Many of our members are also members among SAR/Fire and EMS services. In addition we have MD’s and licensed medical personnel who interact with family in both a support and a medical history roleOther members are in support and maintenance functions. Specialists in fields of aviation, engineering, computer analysis and photographic issues help us offer a unique service here in Maine.




New Hampshire and Vermont


New England K-9 SAR
Volunteer airscent search dog teams
searching wilderness, water, and debris
Non-Emergency Contacts:
603-526-6754 or



Central Piedmont Search and Rescue, CPSAR, is a group of all volunteers specializing in finding those whom have lost their way. CPSAR has members spread out in
View on



















Capital City Canine Search and Rescue Mission Statement
Capital City Canine Search and Rescue is a volunteer not for profit (501c3) organization dedicated to training and providing, upon request, well trained canine search teams to law enforcement and rescue agencies. Capital City Canine Search and Rescue supports and organizes proficiency tests for search dogs. As well as being available for emergency situations on a twenty-four hour basis, Capital City Canine Search and Rescue, Incorporated performs a variety of educational programs for public and private organizations to further the public’s knowledge, interest, and use of search and rescue trained dogs.

General Non-Emergency
Emergency Management Agency – 307-637-6406
Cheyenne Police Department -307-637-6524 (assistance non-emergency)COUNTY (LARAMIE)
Emergency Management Agency – 307-633-4333
Fire District #1 – 307-632-1696
Fire District #2 – 307-638-2014, 632-5400
Laramie County Sheriff – 307-633-4700 (assistance non-emergency)STATE OF WYOMING
Wyoming Game and Fish – 307-777-4600
Wyoming Department of Transportation – 888-996-7623 (road and travel info)
Wyoming Highway Patrol – 307-777-4321 (communications center 24/7)
Contact Information
Becky Hale
Phone# – 307-421-0311
Email –


VK9 Scent Specific Search and Recovery Unit

VK9 SSSAR Unit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing Scent Specific K9 Search Support to Law Enforcement, Missing Person Organizations, and Emergency Management agencies throughout the country.
VK9 was created to support Law Enforcement and other agencies in the specialized areas of Scent Specific Trailing, Criminal and Evidence Recovery work. VK9 SSSAR Unit is “inclusive” to Scent Specific K9 Search & Recovery.


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