Cloudia Leslie Wells – April 10, 1998 – San Diego, CA













Missing: Cloudia Leslie Wells

Case:  Missing

Nickname:  Leslie

Missing From San Diego, California

Missing Date:  April 10, 1998

Race:  Caucasian       Sex:  Female

Age at Time Missing: 45 years old

Height:  5’0″ – 5’2″

Weight:  145 – 155 lbs.

Hair Color:  Brown

Eye Color:  Brown

Tattoos:  None

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks: None

Other:  Cloudia has paranoid schizophrenia and has moved around the country.  She has a very high IQ and is street smart, however she has medical needs.

Police Agency:  San Diego Police Department, 619-561-2277

Case Number:  98-024254        NCIC #: M113307179        NamUs MP #:  7769

Circumstance:  Cloudia originally went missing from Maryville, Illinois in 1995. Cloudia’s daughter filed a missing persons report but it was never entered into the system.

In 1998, Cloudia travelled to San Diego, California where she was living in a homeless shelter. She left the YWCA shelter to pick up medication and did not return. She is in the system as missing from California.

It’s been confirmed that Cloudia has lived in Columbia, Missouri since she’s been missing. Cloudia is known to change her name, and also frequently uses her middle name, Leslie.

Cloudia’s daughter will never give up. Please share to help bring Cloudia home to her family.

Facebook: Cloudia Leslie Wells Missing Person
Facebook: Cloudia Leslie Wells Missing

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