Jeffery Joseph – June 21, 2014 – Hoopa, CA











Name of Missing:    Jeffery Keith Joseph
Nickname: Jeff
Date Missing:     June 21, 2014
Year of Birth       1969
Age at time missing:     45 yrs old
Missing from:    Hoopa, CA
Height:  6’2”
Weight:  210 lbs
Hair Color/length:      Bald w Brown/Grey hair at very lower portion of head
Facial hair: Unless shaves, usually has sideburns
Accessories: Always wears a hat

Eye color:     Brown
Tattoos:    none
Piercings:    none

Transportation: 1998 Green Toyota RAV 4 With
Louisiana Plate # XMZ062 car has an LSU sticker on the back window.

Police Agency Address   Humboldt County Sherriff 826 4th St. Eureka, CA 95501
Police Agency Phone      707-445-7251
Police assigned Case Number     201403130
Detective Name: Todd Fulton


Circumstances: Jeff Drove from Los Angeles, CA to Humboldt County, CA on June 20th, 2014. He arrived there early morning hours of the 21st. He had a “meeting” with someone the morning of the 21st and made a few phone calls that pinged off the Willow Creek tower in Willow Creek, CA all before 8:40am in the morning. After that there was no tower activity reported until 11:20 am in Hoopa, CA off Bloody Camp Road and the phone was just roaming mobile data. He was not using the phone. This was all the morning of June 21, 2014


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