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“Every missing person is someone’s loved one.”
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A missing loved one is defined as a person missing which have an ACTIVE MISSING PERSONS REPORT.

If your loved one is missing, do not waste time. CALL 9-1-1 first!!

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Please note:  We do not search for missing friends or family that you’ve lost contact, nor genealogy nor adoption searches. We help search for missing loved ones with official case numbers issued by law enforcement. We always verify.

Please use the below as a guide:  Please click here to register.  If form does not appear, please use the guide below and email information to   

A. When registering,  you MUST INCLUDE the police agency and missing case number assigned to your missing loved one.

B.  You must be law enforcement, a family member, a family representative, or, another agency with documented records. All missing are verified with law enforcement. .

C. IMPORTANT: Be sure that you gather important information such as:  any recognizable traits or physical marks.  Examples are:  Large space in front teeth, tattoos, scar on right leg, walks with a limp, large birthmark that is visible, small mole on right cheek, talks with a lisp, does not make eye contact, is a smoker, is left handed – things that will help your loved one stand out should someone see him/her to help the onlooker make the recognition.

D. IMPORTANT: Be sure to indicate if your missing loved one is on needed medications and does or does not have with them.

E.  Be sure to provide specifics surrounding their missing status, such as city/state last seen, do they have a cell phone with them?

E.  IMPORTANT:   Please send as many recent photos as possible. Do not worry if others are in the picture as we can crop them out. Try to use “natural poses” with their everyday looks.  Please email a photograph of your missing loved one to the following EMAIL ADDRESS:   

Note:   If registration is for a minor ,17 years old and younger, you MUST place your call with 1-800-The-Lost BEFORE registering with LostNMissing Inc. That is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. (NCMEC) Please have the case number they assign you. Then complete the above steps, as well. LostNMissing Inc does not do searches for minor children. We will, however, post their missing information upon a signed consent for photo release. Services for minors needs to  be managed through the NCMEC.

A special note about our services for minors missing:

Those under age 17, and missing, we will do a courtesy banner and posting on our website and social networking sites.

We ask that the family contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, at 800-THE-Lost.

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