US ARMY Mason VanKuiken – Missing March 17, 2013 – Abilene, TX

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Missing: Mason Muldoon VanKuiken

Missing Since: March 17, 2013

Case: Endangered Missing

Service: U.S. Army, Infantry Specialist/Translator

Last Seen: San Angelo, TX

Year of Birth: 1991

Age at time missing: 22 yrs old

Eyes: Brown (long lashes)

Hair: Brown

Height: 65 inches

Weight: 140 pounds

Hometown: Bradenton, FL

Stationed: Fort Carson, CO

Languages: English, Farsi, and Pashtun

Scars/Marks: Deformed R toenail; small scar, app 1 inch in length, on right side of jaw. Multiple moles on back.

Tattoos: High up on R arm the word “BASTARD” , on Right thigh, a large map of Florida, blues and greens, dotted line on map

going down I75 route, X in location of Bradenton.

Jewelry: Dog Tags, wedding ring, brushed sterling, size 8, thin polished grooves on either edge; sunglasses.


Police Agency: Manatee County Sheriff, Investigator Combee at 941 747 3011 x2542

Case #: 13-10194


Circumstance:   Mason Muldoon VanKuiken, an infantry specialist officially went missing March 18 from Fort Carson, Colo., although his unexcused absence from the U.S. Army actually began four days earlier. He is married and has family searching continually for him. Mason originally from Bradenton, FL, was stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado. He left the base without permission on March 14, 2013 when he had three days off.

He drove to the Fort Hood, Texas area to visit his best friend, Will, who is also from Bradenton but is stationed at Fort Hood. Shortly after he encountered a problem in which he had his gun collection in his car and didn’t have the proper permits to carry. His car was impounded. On the 18th of March, Mason was last seen purchasing a ticket to Abilene, Texas so he could return to Colorado Springs. He never arrived.

According to his Captain, per family, he was being checked for PTSD prior to his disappearance. Mason hasn’t used his bank card, his cell phone, or posted on social media since he went missing. Friends and family all say he was unusually quiet and somewhat withdrawn and with looking back they realized that he was in fact suffering from PTSD. It is not known if harm has come to him, if he has harmed himself or if he may be wandering around somewhere in a depressive state. He is considered an Endangered Missing.

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