Tina Stadig – May 28, 2017 – Skowhegan, ME

Missing Tina Stadig
Nickname/Alias Tammy Stadig (her twin sister);
May use the name “Jen”
Date last seen May 28, 2017
Last seen Skowhegan, Maine
County Somerset County
Age last seen 40 yrs old
Race White
Height 5’2″
Weight 140 lbs
Hair color Brown
Style of Hair Long
Eyes hazel
Tattoos Small homemade cross
on left front forearm, On Left wrist she
has Party Dots , On Back a Sun and
Moon and on her ankle a heart.
Clothing Tina may be carrying a backpack
and trash bag containing her belongings.

If info, or seen, please contact the
Skowhegan Police Department at
NamUs MP# 40076

Tina may be traveling to the Bangor area, or other regions in Maine. Tina was allegedly last seen trying to get a bed at the homeless shelter in Bangor on July 12th but no beds were available. Tina sometimes goes by the name of “Jen”. Tina does not drive and either gets rides or walks to her destinations. She is in need of medication for a disorder and may be living among the homeless population. She has family who love her and want her safe.

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