Terrance Lyles – Aug. 8, 2017 – Manhattan, NY


Missing: Terrance Lyles
Date Last Seen: August 8, 2017
Last Location: Manhattan, NY
Case: Medical Needs
Age at time missing: 25 yrs old
Year of Birth: 1991
Black, Male
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Dread Locks
Facial Hair: Goatee
Eye Color: Brown
Last Known Clothing: Pajama pants from the Jamaica Hospital and a gray hoodie.
Other characteristics: Said he had his arm in a sling or a cast.

If you have info, or see Terrance, please contact Chicago Victims Unit at (312) 747-8274, or your local police.
Case #JA384117
Note: Please try to capture a cell phone
photo to bookmark his location and
aid with an identification.

Family Tip Line: 312-330-5293

Circumstance: Terrance stopped taking his needed medication and decided to walk to NY from home in Chicago. He was staying with a friend who hasn’t seen him since being admitted on 7/29/17 and released from a Jamaica hospital on 8/5/17. He called his mom (on a strangers phone) to say he needed to get back to Chicago because he no longer had a place to live. He has no ID, nor any way for his mom to get ahold of him to help him back home. It is unknown if he has money or food. He may be with the homeless population between NY and Chicago.


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