Stacy Peterson – October 28, 2007 – Bolingbroook, IL

















Missing: Stacy Ann Peterson

Case:  Probable Foul Play

Nickname/Other:  Stacy Peterson

Missing From:   Bolingbrook, Illionois

Missing Date: October 28, 2007

Race:  White    Sex:  Female

Age at Time Missing:   23

Height:     5’2 inches

Weight:  100 lbs – 110 lbs

Hair Color:   Brown; (frosted with lighter shades) shoulder length 

Eye Color:  Brown

Tattoos:  Blue and yellow carnation with tribal markings on small of neck, red cherries with stem and leaves on front hip.

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks: Scar from Tummy Tuck and breast implants. (numbered) Pierced ears. 

Other:  None known

Police Agency:  ILLINOIS STATE PD   CAPT MICHAEL COOK 815-726-6377 EXT 263 

Case Number:   07-42759  Case: NAMUS #2400 

Circumstance: Stacy was last heard from around 10 pm on Sunday October 28, 2007. She was supposed to be meeting a friend the next morning to paint a house. She did not show up and her sister became frantic when she did not hear from her and immediately filed a missing persons report.

History:   In 2001, Stacy was 17 years old and working as a desk clerk at a hotel in Bolingbrook, Ill.  Stacy had a difficult upbringing in that her own mother was a missing person when she was a teenager, named Christie Marie Cales. (At the time of this writing has continued to be a missing person. )

She soon met a local cop on patrol named Drew Peterson.

At the time, Peterson was 47 years old and married to his third wife, Kathleen Savio.  Stacy saw an older man who would protect and take care of her and fell in love with him.

Peterson divorced Kathleen Savio in 2001; he and Stacy were married in October 2003, three months after the birth of their first son. Stacy named him Anthony, after her father. Drew and Stacy, a few years later, had another child, a daughter

named Lacy, whom she named after her sister who sadly passed away in 2006.

Stacy was overjoyed. She was a wife, a mother, and she reveled in domesticity: cooking, cleaning, decorating Anthony’s room. Her marriage, she believed, was good, even if her husband could be a little controlling, or refuse to watch the baby so she could take her exam to get into nursing school, or let her get a job, or as others have stated who knew the couple…he would call relentlessly whenever she was out of the house.

While shopping with friends, it was reported that sometimes his squad car was out front of the store she and her friend would be shopping. He would go to roll call and leave to find her whereabouts, according to media released statements of

friends. Drew’s ex-wife Kathy Savio was found dead in her tub in 2004, initially ruled an accident, it was not until Stacy disappeared that she was exhumed and her death report was changed to homicide.  Drew Peterson has been in trial for

causing the death of his third wife at the time of this posting in August 2012.  The outcome of the trial is not known, as yet.  No charges have been filed on him for the disappearance of Stacy, his fourth wife, at the time of this writing.

There have been numerous searches for Stacy and it is thought that she may be contained within a blue barrel or tote buried or in water somewhere.  Investigations are ongoing.

-August 2012

























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