Troy Sirat – July 06, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV













Name of Missing:Troy Sirat
Date Last Seen: July 06, 2016
Location Last Seen: Las Vegas, NV
Age at time missing: 19 years old
Year of birth: 1996
Race: Asian/Caucasian mix
Weight:180 lbs
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Style:Fade on side; longer on top. Brown thick hair if it were grown out. Hairline grows close to the forehead. Hair may be wavy if grown out long in length. The hair texture is coarse and has a cowlick on the back the crown of his head/scalp
Eye Color:Hazel (green/Grey-blue)
Possible Clothing:Black and white baseball jersey, Purple T-shirt, White or black solid T-shirt.
Bright green with white trim swim trunks, dark hoodie, dark color sweat pants,dark shorts, jeans.
Footwear:Red & black Reebok trail running shoes with white soles.
Tattoos:Minimalist sea turtle (green) on left ankle, small side ways geometric infinity (colorful) on right thigh.
Scars/Marks:A small birthmark at the hairline just above his left eyebrow. 9″ scar across his abdomen from intussusception surgery. 1/4″ scar on crown of head (where part area of the scalp Scrape type of a scar on his side/back (approximately 6″) Has some shin scars
Languages Spoken:English and learned some Spanish in H.S.
Dentals: Missing a tooth on his top left – used to wear a retainer with a false tooth to fill the gap.Has a permanent retainer fixed behind his lower teeth. All 3 of his wisdom teeth have been extracted. May try to cover-up his gap tooth while talking since he left his retainer at home.
Transportation:Missing w his tan colored “KONA HARDTAIL” mountain bike,
with white lettering.

Police Agency:
If info, or seen, please call the Las Vegas Metro PD;
Det. Rbt. Williams at (702) 828-2907
Case # 160706-3679

Circumstances: Troy has been battling the effects of PTSD related to the death of his older brother Jay in 2011. Medications and counseling have been moderately effective. On several occasions, Troy mentioned that he wants to live off the grid, and would like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail ( from CA to Washington State. )
On Wed Jul 6, 2016, He sent a text to his sister and dad at 2:24 PM that he was heading out to the pool. Another text stating he was at the pool 2:45PM and three swimming Emojis indicating that he was swimming. Several hours went by and family did not hear from him so they pinged his phone which was located near the pool where he swam regularly. Troy’s phone was locked and he left behind his laptop (at home) which was password protected. Troy is a respectful, attentive, and an engaging young man. It is concerning that he has not contacted family as that is something he would not purposely avoid doing of his own choice. It is possible he may have fallen into a deeper PTSD state and is living with the homeless or off the grid. He also may have abandoned his bike (which is still missing, too) and obtained rides to California via Craigslist or other means unknown.

Facebook Group: “SPOT Troy Sirat”




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