Robert Hoagland – July 28, 2013 – Newtown, Ct





















Missing:  Robert  Hoagland

Nickname: “Hoagie”

Missing From:  Newtown, CT (Sandy Hook)

Missing Date:  July 28, 2013

Race:  w      Sex: m

Age at Time Missing:  50 yrs old

Height:  6’0 feet           

Weight: approx 175 lbs

Hair Color:  Brown

Hair Style: Mostly bald with closely cropped hair on sides which is greying.

Facial: Last seen with 1 to 2 day growth of facial hair

Eye Color: Blue

Clothing: Last seen wearing tan shorts and white tee shirt.

Police Agency: Newtown Department of Police Services, Det. Jason Frank at 203-270-4229 or your local police.

Case Number: 2013-10697


Robert was last seen in public on Sunday 7/28/2013 at a gas station in Newtown, CT. He is known to have returned home and last seen by one of his son’s at approximately 10:00 am on Sunday 7/28/2013. Robert’s cell phone was left at home, however Robert’s wallet was missing from the house. The circumstances of Robert’s disappearance are unknown.He was last seen wearing tan shorts and white tee shirt, his shoes are all accounted for so it is not clear as to what shoes he may have on and may have changed clothing. He may have more overgrowth in facial hair.





These are the last known photos of Robert taken from gas station video surveillance on Sunday July 28th at approximately 6:45 am


From Robert’s wife:

Robert “Hoagy” Hoagland disappeared sometime in the late morning, early afternoon of Sunday, July 28. Earlier that morning, around 6:45am, he drove his silver VW golf to buy bagels at Bagel Delight in Newtown, and next headed to the Mobil Station down the street. There, we believe he bought half a tank of gas and he paid by credit card. He was captured on a surveillance camera at the Mobil station wearing khaki shorts, a plain white t-shirt and his customary loafers.

He returned to our home, ate breakfast with our son Max, age 23, replied to a couple of ordinary text messages, played three games of online scrabble and headed out to mow the lawn sometime between 10 and 11 am. According to Max, he called out to his father sometime in that time frame to let him know he was going out for a few hours. A neighbor who had been on her way over to our house to introduce us to her new puppy corroborated this timeframe. She heard the lawn mower, Max’s call to his father, the brief pause of the mower and then the resumption of the lawn mower. It appears that Hoagy finished mowing the lawn because the mower was found in its usual storage spot in the basement. The sneakers he typically wears to mow the lawn were beside the mower. A load of white laundry was ultimately found in the washer, which contained a white t-shirt, possibly the one he had been wearing earlier that morning. The dryer contained a pair of khaki shorts, which could also have been those he wore earlier in the day. The loafers he had been wearing in the Mobil station videotape were found in the living room. His cell phone, passport and blood pressure medication were in his office. A cash withdrawal of $600 had been made the previous Thursday from a teller inside the South Newtown branch of Union Savings Bank and was unaccounted for as was his wallet and the key to the Mini Cooper. On August 14, I found his wallet and the Mini key. They were hidden under a doll on a chair in our bedroom.
So Hoagy’s gone without a phone, a car, a wallet, a passport, his daily medication and apparently even without any shoes or packed clothing. The $600 remains unaccounted for.

Robert Hoagland missing from CT - since July 28 2013

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