Joanne Ringer – March 2, 2016 – Clarksburg, MA













Missing: Joanne Ringer
Date Last Seen: March 2, 2017
Location Last Seen: Clarksburg, MA
Age at time missing: 39 yrs old
Year of Birth: 1978
White, Female
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: brown with faded blond purple highlights in the front
Hair Style: medium length; usually down
Eye Color: dark brown
Piercings: 47-50 piercings from head to pelvis
Last Known Clothing: thick thread jeans with bedazzled back pockets and white shear shirt; a white and black ski jacket and gray boots
Tattoos: full arm sleeve on the right arm with naked woman and zombie babies; herself on her forearm, floral with barb wire starting at underarm right side starting out black and white turning to color at hip & goes across pelvis
and part way down thigh with the names “Savanah” and “Skylar” in it. A full lower middle back peice of a woman (lady death) with wings sitting on top
of a cross.
Scars/Marks: A circle scar on forehead, scars on lower stomach ( across pelvis) and a dark brown birth mark on left thigh.
Transportation: a dark green 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sedan (located March 6th, abandoned.)

If info, or seen, please call the Berkshire police;
Det. Michelle Mason; or the State Police at
413-499-1112, or the State Police, Cheshire Barracks
at 413-743-4700.
Case # 2017-103-67
NamUs: Pending

Circumstances: Family is extremely worried and asks for help if Joanne is seen. She did not show to work on the 2nd of March and her vehicle found abandoned on the 6th. This is out of her character to not contact family or friends.


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