Alivia Kail – March 04, 2011 – Pittsburgh, PA


Missing:  Alivia Kail

Case:  Possible Foul Play

Nickname: “Liv”

Missing From:  Pittsburgh, PA – Florida

Missing Date:  March 04, 2011

Race:     Sex: 

Age at Time Missing:  19 years old

Height:  5′ 1″  

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair Color:  Sandy

Eye Color: Green

Tattoos: blue flower tattooed on her hip.

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks:  piercing done centered  below right nostril and  above upper right lip.


Case Number: 02458-11


Alivia Kail, 19, of Mount Washington, PA.,has been missing since March 04, 2011 and the last person with her, a boyfriend, has been uncooperative with investigators, police said. She goes by the nickname “Liv.”

Liv was reported missing by her family when she did not return calls . She was supposed to be vacationing in Florida with her boyfriend but he returned to the Pittsburgh area without her, police said. (This was the second trip she made with him to Florida. The first she returned.) This raised suspicions and extreme concern from her family.  “The boyfriend was approached by the family members and friends about the whereabouts of LIv, and he gave some conflicting stories as to where she was located,” according to the Allegheny County Police Department. The boyfriend  told one person that Liv was still in Florida and another that he had dropped her off in town. Police have since executed at least three search warrants related to her disappearance. During one search, investigators  found cocaine, marijuana, and a stolen handgun. As a result he was taken into custody on drug and stolen-property charges. Items belonging to Liv, along with shell casings and a possible blood stained sheet were located in one of his rental vehicles. Tests still pending. Liv’s family begs for any info that will lead to her whereabouts.

Police Contact:  

Detective Scanlon
March 05, 2011
Allegheny County Homicide
Pittsburgh, PA

Alivia Kail


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