Taku Minemura – Dec. 05, 2016 – Long Island, NY















Name of Missing: Taku Minemura
Date Last Seen: Dec. 05, 2016
Location Last Seen: New York
Age at time missing: 30 yrs old
Race Asian
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses: Yes
Languages Spoken: Japanese, English
Transportation : Missing with vehicle , a silver-colored 2009 Honda Fit with New York License plate GSB-6227

If info, or seen, please contact the Nauseau County Police
at (631) 854-8200, or your local police.
Please reference Case # 216CR003449

Circumstances: Taku is a single man, living alone in Long Island for a year and originally from Japa, where his family resides. He had been a victim of a theft the day prior to missing, in which his messenger bag was stolen. He may not have any identification on him. It is unlike him to not make contact with friends or family.

Taku Minemura’s vehicle is also missing. If you are in and around Long Island, please check parking lots, apartment parking, 24 hour stores, side streets, etc for vehicle. If you spot this car, DO NOT TOUCH, but instead call 911 to let them you’ve found the car that belongs to a missing young man.

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