Michael Edwin Hearon – August 23, 2008 – Blount County, TN
















Missing: Michael Edwin Hearon

Case: Missing

Nickname: Mike

Missing From: Tallassee (Happy Valley) Blount County, Tennessee

Missing Date: August 23, 2008

Race: White   Sex: Male

Age at Time Missing: 51 to 52 years old

Height: 5′ 8″       

Weight: 185 pounds

Hair Color: Brown/Dark brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Tattoos: He has a tattoo on his lower back.

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks: He has an appendix scar, scar between thigh and knee, scar on back of knee, snake bite on foot, one foot is 1 – 1/12 sizes smaller than the other.

Other: Faded red t-shirt with khaki cargo shorts and sandals.

Police Agency: Blount County Sheriff’s Department; Detective Mike Seratt, 865-273-5000

Case Number: 08-006380     NamUs MP #: 1700

Circumstance: Michael Edwin Hearon was last seen on Saturday, August 23, 2008 around 11:00 am. He was seen leaving his Bell Branch residence in Tallassee (Happy Valley), Tennessee on his 4 wheeler by neighbors.  Mike called both his sons, Matt and Andy, on Saturday morning to let them know he was leaving his condo in Maryville, TN to go to his house in Happy Valley to mow and bush hog. He spoke with Andy and left Matt a message. Mike would let Matt and Andy know when he was going to Happy Valley so they knew he would be hard to get a hold of since there is no cell phone service there. He has a house phone but worked outside a lot on his farm.He went by Andy’s house to pick up the mower and loaded it on his trailer. Andy saw Mike pulling onto highway 321 (near Andy’s home) with the mower on the trailer. He was turning as if he was headed to go over the Parkway to his Bell Branch property. Mike talked to a friend, and told him he was at or near the Parkway and he would call him when he reached his Bell Branch house. There is limited cell phone service on the Parkway and no cell phone service in Happy Valley.  Neighbors saw Mike drive down Bell Branch Road to his home in his truck with the mower and trailer. His friend said Mike called and told him that the grapes were not ready to pick so he was going to mow and bush hog.  About 15 minutes later, he left on his 4 wheeler. Neighbors said he waved as he drove away from his house down Bell Branch Road. He has not been heard from or seen since.  Friends who went to look at the cattle later on Sunday said that his truck remained parked at the end of the road with the trailer still attached with the mower on the trailer. He normally parked his truck at the end of the road to load and unload the trailer then moved it closer to the house. Mike’s parents who live at an adjacent property went to his house on Sunday but did not go inside or knock on the door. Monday morning they went by again, saw his truck in the same place, and went in the house. It was not locked, but he did not always lock his doors. They looked around the house and yard and did not see him. They called Matt and told him he wasn’t there so Matt checked his condo in Maryville and found his car and motorcycle both parked in the garage and nothing out of place.  Mike’s parents checked his house at Bell Branch. They found his keys, cell phone, money clip (with credit cards, license and money), and gun all in the truck. Matt and Andy arrived and found one of his 4 wheelers missing. After riding around Mike’s property (about 75 acres), they called the police. His 4 wheeler was found on August 26th about a mile away from his house. It was not wrecked or damaged.

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