Keith Allen Rocheleau – August 4, 2009 – Brooks County, GA












Missing: Keith Allen Rocheleau

Case: Missing/Questionable foul play suspicions.

Nickname: unknown

Missing From: Brooks County, GA

Missing Date: August 4, 2009

Race: Sex: Caucasian Male

Age at Time Missing: 47

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: unknown

Tattoos: unknown

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks: unknown

Other: Georgia Bureau of Investigation taking over-404-244-2600

Police Agency: Brooks County Sheriff 229-263-7558; Lowndes County Sheriff 220-671-2900

Case Number: unknown

Circumstance:  Keith Allen Rocheleau, 47, was reported missing to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, Aug. 7, according to reports. He was last seen by his parents on Tuesday, Aug. 4, at his residence on Barrett Lane in Lowndes County.

According to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, “Keith Rocheleau lives on Barrett Lane by himself. His parents, who live on Cooey Road in Brooks County, had gone out of town and left Rocheleau to watch their home, and their dog. When they returned, they discovered that his vehicle had been stuck in mud and abandoned. Indications are that Rocheleau had attempted to free his vehicle by using his father’s vehicle. The father’s vehicle was found stuck and abandoned in the road ditch also on Cooey Road.”  His cellular phone, his glasses and his hat were all found in his parents’ yard. His hat was in a flower bed. The shoes he was wearing at the time were found in the ditch, each one separated from the other by a few feet. Inside the house, a steak was on the counter; the dog was fine.  After five organized searches, including three with dogs, and two helicopter/heat-seeking devices in use, searches were called off due to inclement weather.











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