James Therrien – August 24, 2010 – Sanford, ME














Missing: James M. Therrien

Last Seen: August 24, 2010

Missing from: Sanford, Maine

Case: Endangered Missing

Age at time missing: 52 years old

Race:  Caucasian    Sex: Male

Height: 5’6’

Weight: 205 pounds

Hair: Brown

Facial Hair: Therrien has a goatee.

Eyes: hazel ; He is supposed to wear eyeglasses, but left them behind.

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A dark blue long-sleeved jersey and leisure pants.

Medical Conditions:  Therrien needs to take eleven medications every day.

Among other health problems, he has chronic pain issues stemming from gout

and arthritis and was dependent on prescription pain medication at the

time of his disappearance. He left his medication behind.


Police Agency: Sanford Police Department; Det. Sarah Roberts at 207-324-9170


Circumstance: James Therrien was last seen in Sanford, Maine on August 24, 2010. He shared an apartment with his sister on Thompson Street. He and his sister got into an argument that day. Later, at about 7:30 p.m., as she was watching television, she heard him say “Oh, well,” and then he left. He took his wallet but leaving his medications, house keys and glasses. His sister assumed he was going to the store, and reported him missing at 3:00 a.m. the next day when he hadn’t returned. An acquaintance may have seen James in the Sanford area on August 29, and there was a reported sighting of him in Portland, Maine also, but there’s been no clear indication of his whereabouts since August 2010.

It’s uncharacteristic of James to leave without warning and he has difficulty walking because of his chronic pain. He had applied for disability prior to his disappearance because his medical problems left him unable to work. Although there’s no evidence of foul play in his case, due to the state of his health, there is concern for his well-being. His case remains unsolved.

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