Heather Ann MacCrossen – August 17, 2007 – Newberry, FL

Missing:  Heather Ann MacCrossen

Case:  Missing  (Probable foul play)

Nickname:  None

Missing From:  Newberry, FL  

Missing Date:  August 17, 2007  

Race:  Caucasian         Sex:  Female

Age at Time Missing:  26

Height:  69 to 70 in. 

Weight:  115 to 125 lbs.

Hair Color:  Brown with blonde highlights, straight, possibly longer than shoulder length.

Eye Color:  Brown

Tattoos: “BMM” with star above the B and the second M on right arm. Rose on back 

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks: Ears pierced, appears to have two sets.

Other: Traveled from Michigan to Florida via Greyhound bus(August 21, 2007) 

Police Agency: Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Det. Drew Moore (352) 367-4175 

Case Number: 08-13657  NamUs MP # 2754

Circumstance: History of domestic violence with partner. Left state of Florida and moved to Michigan to get away from him.  She returned to Florida for a traffic court date on August 21, 2007, however, she did not appear for her court appearance as she completely disappeared. Her young son lives with her family in Michigan.  Her partner of whom she had the domestic violence case against, a sex predator, with a history of drug and weapon charges, is now a suspect in a 2012 missing person case of Kamrie Mitchell of Wellborn, Florida.


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