David Emerson Jr – Dec. 24, 2014 – Snyder, TX



Missing: David Emerson Jr

Nickname/Alias: Dee

Date last seen: December 24, 2014
Missing from: Snyder, TX

Age last seen: 35 years old

Height : 5’10” 

Weight: approx 165 lbs.

Hair: Black
Style: Short or may be braided in corn rows
Scars: on right side of face from medical metal implant
Tattoo: “DEE” on shoulder (unknown which side)

Piercings: Ears and Tongue

Clothing: Black Pants with Solid White Shirt

Footwear: Usually wore Jordan shoes

Jewelry: Usually wore a Fleur-de-lis necklace, earrings, and a watch

Eyewear: Sunshades worn at times also has reading glasses

Accessories: Black Head Rag

DNA: Sample submitted – Test complete

If info, or seen, please call the Snyder Police Dept. at 325-573-0261 , Sgt Mike Counts is over his case. Anonymous tips at Fbi.gov or 810-294-4858.
Case # 15-02-0073
NamUs MP# 28172

Circumstance: Family desperately seeking their missing, and loved, son and family member. His mom went to his home after not hearing from him, which was unusual, his friends said he moved. It is out of his character and they ask for your help.


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