David Virgil Neily – April 14, 2006 – Westport, CA










Missing:  David Virgil Neily

Case:  Unsolved Missing

Missing From:  Westport, California

Missing Date:  April 14, 2006

Race:  White      Sex: Male

Age at Time Missing:  69 years

Height:   5’5″

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair Color:  Silver/Gray

Facial Hair:  Yes  (Beard and mustache)

Eye Color: Green

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks:  Scar on his left side from under the arm pit to just below his left breast, kind of like a ‘C’. Another scar on the right side just above the hip about 3 inches long and 1/4 thick. Another scar about 6 inches, right through his belly button due to surgery.

Other:  He has 4 lower teeth missing, although the appearance is that 2 lower teeth are missing. He has been in mental hospitals in the past.

Police Agency: Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office , Detective Dustin Lorenzo #2468 ,  (707) 961-2692

Case Number: 06-1611   NamUs #1597

Circumstance:  David was last seen on April 14, 2006 on a property at the end of Howard Creek Road  in Westport, CA. According to his family, he was there to pick up a truck. Neighbors told family members that they heard gunshot fire at about 2-3 a.m. that morning. His dog, Justice was found at this location. Sheriffs recovered his 2 vehicles from the Westport property. No sign of David has ever been made since and no arrests or named suspects causing the disappearance of David.

A very good summary of the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.



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