Crishtian Hughes – February 07, 2013 – San Francisco, CA

Crishtian Hughes photo courtesy of LostNMissing Inc

Crishtian Hughes photo courtesy of LostNMissing Inc





















Missing:  Crishtian Hughes

Case:  Missing

Missing From:  San Francisco, CA

Missing Date:  February 07, 2013

Race:    W    Sex: M

Age at Time Missing:  20 years old

Height:  5’8

Weight:  Approx 130 lbs

Hair Color/Length:  Short Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown


Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks:  Both ears pierced, Scar on left hairline adjacent to his ear.


Police Agency: San Diego Police Department, Investigator Parga, at 619-531-2390, case # 13005203  or the

San Francisco Police Dept at 415-734-3268, Detective Anne Mackenzie, case # 130112341, or phone your local police if seen, or info to provide.

Case Number: SDPD # 13005203   SFPD # 130112341

Facebook: “Help Find Crishtian Hughes”


Circumstance: Crishtian was last seen by friends that he was visiting in the early morning hours of February 07, 2013. According to police reports, when the friends woke the next morning, they stated Crishtian was gone and that he had packed all his belongings and left. He has not been seen since.

From Crishtian’s mother:  On February 4th, 2013 I dropped my son off at the international airport of San Diego Ca. He was on his way to visit a Friend who resides In San Francisco Ca. After he arrived, I spoke to him briefly and he assured me he had arrived safe, and would be returning home Thursday February 7th around 2:30 pm. we said we loved each other and said our goodbyes and hung up. I haven’t talked or seen him since. When Thursday arrived I had noticed that he hadn’t called, so I called him. It went straight to his voice-mail. I didn’t think much of it, at that point, Then On Friday The 8th, I woke up and tried calling him again. still, straight to voice mail. I then called My sister Chelsea Denton, because she also resides In the San Francisco area. She said she hadn’t seen him since Tuesday when she had given him $70. I spent most of the day trying to get phone numbers to locate my sons friends he had been with. It was a failure. Later on that afternoon I had a knock at my door. It was the San Diego Police Department asking If my son Christian was home. I said no, and right then, I knew something was wrong. One of the Boys who my son had been Visiting had called the SF police department because he was concerned whether or not my son had made it home safely. It turns out that sometime between the hours Of 1am and 10 am, My son had packed all his things and left. But the part that I am trying to figure out is why. Why would he get up in the middle of the night in a city with no car when his friends were at home and was his ride to the airport. Crishtian never boarded a flight home. I need the help of the public to please look for my son and to contact authorities if you have information leading to him and/or his disappearance. Thank you.




Desaparecido: Christian Hughes

Desaparecio en San Franciso , CA

Desaparecido desde el 7 de febrero del 2013

Raza: Blanco Sexo: Masculino

Edad 20 años Estatura: 5’8″

Peso: approximadamente 130 lbs

Color de cabello: Marrón oscuro

Color de ojos: Marrón

Tatuajes: Costa Oeste (West Coast) en brazo derecho, Lealtad (Loyalty) en brazo izquierdo

Marcas significtivad/Cicatrices/Perforaciones: ambas orejas perforada, cicatriz cerca a su oreja en su linea de pelo izquierda cerca de su oreja y bajando hacia atrás hecho por una cirugía de la columna cervical.

Agencia de Policía: Departamento de Policía San Diego Investigador: Parga (619) 531-2390. Numero de Caso: 13005203 ó Departamento de Policía San Francisco al (415) 734-3268 Detective Anne Mackenzie número de caso 130112341 ó llamen a la policía local si lo han visto para proveer información.

Número de caso: SDPD # : 14005203 SFPD # : 130112341

Crishtian Hughes 20 MISSING - San Francisco CA - 07Feb2013 - Copy Crishtian Hughes-BiLingual Missing Poster Spanish Crishtian Hughes 20 MISSING - San Francisco CA - 07Feb2013













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Crishtian Hughes - MISSING- San Francisco - 2013













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