Barbara Frame – January 30, 1985 – Zanesville, OH














Missing: Barbara Frame

Date Last Seen: January 30, 1985

Missing From: Zanesville, Ohio    (Muskingum County)

Age at time missing: 38 yrs old

Height: 5’6”  Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Brown

Hair Style: Medium length

Eyes: Green

Marks/Scars: Cesarean section scar on lower stomach.

Transportation: Her car was found the next day

Clothing: Last seen wearing a shirt, long pants, tennis shoes and a coat.

Police Agency: Zanesville Police Department at 740-455-0700,

Or, Private Investigator, Lilly Paisley at (740) 252-6958.

Case #: 85-1751                NamUs MP #:  25060

Facebook: Help Find Barbara Frame – Missing from Zanesville, Ohio

Circumstance: Barbara was home getting ready to fix dinner for her 3 children when she was suddenly contacted about an appointment with a lawyer concerning her recent divorce. She was told she had to attend right then. So she told her 3 children she would be back soon to make dinner. Then she left with only her purse and never returned. The appointment turned out to be fake and her car was found the next day.

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