Oded Gordon – May 12, 1989 – Greenfield, New Hampshire

  Missing:  Oded Gordon Case:  Unsolved Missing/Special Needs Missing Nickname: Detti Missing From:  Greenfield, New Hampshire Missing Date:  May 12, 1989 Race:   White      Sex: Male Age at Time Missing:  21 years old Height:  5’7″ – 5’9″ Weight: 135 – 170 lbs Hair Color:  Black Facial Hair:  Moustache and sparse beard Eye Color: Brown …

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Daniel Stephen Spangle – March 2, 1989 – Lancaster, CA

                              Missing:  Daniel Stephen Spangle Case:  Missing/Suspected Foul Play Missing From:  Lancaster, California Missing Date:  March 2, 1989 Race:  Caucasian     Sex:  Male Age at Time Missing: 1 Height:  3’0″ Weight:  35 lbs. Hair Color:  …

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Denise Ruth Fagot – March 2, 1989 – Lancaster, CA

                  Missing:  Denise Ruth Fagot Case: Missing/Suspected Foul Play Nickname:  Niecey Missing From:  Lancaster, California Missing Date:  March 2, 1989 Race:  Caucasian      Sex:  Female Age at Time Missing:  22 Height:  5’6″ Weight:  115 lbs. Hair Color:  Brown Eye Color:  Brown …

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Phyllis Anne Flynn – May 7, 1988 – Detroit, Michigan

    Missing:  Phyllis Anne Flynn Case:  Missing Nickname:  Linda Missing From:  Detroit, Michigan Missing Date:  May 7, 1988 Race:  Caucasian     Sex:  Female Age at Time Missing:  23 Height:  5’0″ – 5’3″ Weight:  100 lbs. Hair Color:  Brown, sometimes streaked with blonde Eye Color:  Hazel Tattoos:  None Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks:  None …

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Christopher Winkler – February 16, 1987 – Burlington, WI

                      Name of Missing:  Christopher James Winkler Nicknames: Chris Year of Birth: 1969 Age at time missing: 19 years old Date Missing:  February 16, 1987 Missing From:  Burlington, Wisconsin Race:  White         Sex:  Male Hair Color: Brown Hair Style:  Shorter length, …

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Bernadette Stevenson Caruso – September 27, 1986 – Baltimore, Maryland

                              Missing:  Bernadette Stevenson Caruso Case:  Missing/Possible Foul Play Nickname:  None Missing From:  Baltimore, Maryland Missing Date:  September 27, 1986 Race:  Caucasian      Sex:  Female Age at Time Missing: 23 Height:  5’4″ Weight:  190 lbs. Hair …

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