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2015 GNP Award is based on Positive Online Reviews

LostNMissing Inc. announced today that it has been honored with a prestigious 2015 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations.

We are excited to be named a Top-Rated 2014 Nonprofit,” says Karen Ranoni, State Coordinator/Board Member of LostNMissing ,”We are proud of our accomplishments this year, most especially the finding of numerous missing loved ones. The Top-Rated Nonprofit award was based on the large number of positive reviews that were received for LostNMissing Inc. by volunteers who have worked with the organization and clients. Over 2,000 go missing in the United States each day and LostNMissing works with specialized services for families of missing as well as directly with law enforcement nationally. or They have designated divisions specific for those missing of the US Military, Special and Medical Needs missing and Unidentified decedents in which medical examiners across the country are hoping to have ID made. Many of their missing are cold-case or unsolved missing loved ones. Primarily the organization works with families of missing adults but also have a number of missing minor children in their database, as well.

The entire staff , of 24 team members and Board of Directors, are 100% volunteers. Their primary work is done online and physical searches, and events, are held for the families by assigned team members across the nation. Donations are an important need to provide services and LostNMissing Inc hopes to see an increase of public donations for 2015.

People who have posted their personal experience with the nonprofit at the GreatNonprofit’s website explain how the services provided has helped. For example, one person wrote,” I am the parent of Sean SIDI age 19, who vanished from San Francisco, CA May 21, 2013. LosNMissing has been of invaluable help in he search for my son. In the world of missing persons, where there are few resources for families of missing persons 18 years and older, LostNMissing fills that much needed void, providing support to families with missing loved ones, with professionalism, dedication, compassion and humanity. Among other things, LostNMissing located and paid for a billboard in San Francisco, featuring my son and 4 other missing young men, provided beautifully designed fliers and digital themes to raise awareness of the search for my son (and 4 others from San Francisco) LostNMissing truly goes the extra mile, even contacting a web master at one of the locations of a sighting of my son. One truly gets the impression that LostNMissing (and Cynthia Caron) cares for each and every missing person. I will be forever grateful to LostNMissing and Cynthia Caron for their help in the search for my son, Sean Sidi, (who remains missing as of Feb 2014).

While the Top-Rated Awards run through the end of October, LostNMissing Inc. was part of the inaugural group to qualify for the year. In addition, we’ll been added to GreatNonprofits #GivingTuesday Guide—an interactive guide to top nonprofits throughout the years. Look for this near the holidays.

“Savvy donors want to see the impact of their donations more than ever,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits, “People with direct experience with LostNMissing Inc. Have voted that the organization is making a real difference.”

Being on the Top-Rated list gives donors and volunteers more confidence that this is a credible organization. The reviews by volunteers, clients and other donors show the on-the-ground results of this nonprofit. This award is a form of recognition by the community.

LostNMissing Inc. Nobody wants to find a missing loved one more than you – the family.We not only work to find your missing loved one, we also do it hand in hand with you. You’re never alone. We are here for you.
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